The specialty agency for Digital Analytics.

In Risalto is a company specializing in Digital Analytics, Tracking and Data Management.

In 2015 he created the Tag Manager Italia brand, an award-winning consultancy and training agency specialized in tracking and measuring data from websites, e-commerce, online advertising campaigns and other digital devices.


Founded in 2012 as a full-service digital agency, In Risalto has progressively focused on digital analytics, i.e. the strategic and operational tracking and management of data from websites, e-commerce, advertising campaigns and other digital sources.

As Google Beta testers and Alpha testers, the Tag Manager Italia team is recognized as one of the international hubs and partners of excellence for digital analytics

  • at a strategic level (Data Strategy, Data Governance, etc.)
  • at an operational level (Google Analytics 4, Server-Side tracking, BigQuery, Data Visualization, etc.)

Led by partners Matteo Zambon (Co-Founder & CTO), Francesco Tomasi (Co-Founder & Administrator), Roberto Guiotto (Co-Founder & CMO) - each with over 20 years of experience in the digital sector -, Tag Manager Italia deals with digital analytics with its three vertical business units: Consulting, Training, Research and Development.

Tag Manager Italia was the first agency in the world to win the two top international awards in digital analytics: the "Golden Punchcard Prize" at Superweek - the most important event in the sector - and the Quanties Awards 2022 for the "Top Analytics Educator" category”.

Services and brands

Tag Manager Italia


The Tag Manager Italia Consulting business unit supports brands and structured companies implementing digital analytics strategies and solutions for critical issues related to data quality and tracking.

Consulting and implementation The clients of Tag Manager Italia's consulting and training services include SMEs, digital agencies, institutions, universities, multinationals and large brands. In particular, Tag Manager Italia carries out structured digital analytics projects in the Agricultural machinery, Financial Services, Healthcare, Non Profit, IT Distribution, Sporting goods distribution, Serie A football and many other sectors.

These are very different contexts, united by high standards in terms of security and in terms of precision of the data to be tracked and analyzed.

Training and events

Matteo Zambon - Co-founder and CTO - is an internationally renowned digital analytics expert.

Matteo was the first expert in Italy to disseminate and implement Google Tag Manager (since 2015) and GA4 (since 2018) for the agency's clients when it was still called "App + Web".

In the last two years, his technical manual “Google Tag Manager for beginners” has sold more than 3,000 copies. Since its release in 2022, more than 2,000 web professionals have bought and read his latest manual "Google Analytics 4 for beginners".

SuperWeek, Measurecamp (Europe, United Kingdom, North America), ADworld Experience, WMF, SMXL, MeasureSummit, Marketing Analytics Summit are just some of the most important international events in which Matteo has participated as a speaker.

Matteo and his team have brought their educational contribution with courses and practical lessons at Bocconi University, University of Bergamo and University of Palermo.

Last June, the Tag Manager Italia team gave life to the GA4 Summit, the major international event focused entirely on Google Analytics 4 for marketing and advertising, achieving worldwide resonance and recording numbers that demonstrate its appreciation: more of 400 participants, more than 20 training speeches and successful real case studies, more than 10 world-renowned experts and specialists and over 800 mentioning posts and news dedicated to the event.

For more information on Tag Manager Italia's services and consultancy activities, consult this page.

Research and development

Tag Manager Italia reinvests almost 15% of its revenues in research and development projects to offer its customers a unique competitive advantage.

Awarded as the best digital analytics solution during Superweek - the most important global event in the digital analytics sector -, Tag Chef is a suite of tools that extends the functionality of Google Tag Manager and is able to speed up the daily work of digital analysts, avoiding errors, reduce repetitive tasks and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

For more information on Tag Manager Italia's services and training activities, consult this page

Analytix School

With more than 300 hours of vertical training on Analytics and over 500 continuously updated lessons, Analytix School is the most complete and advanced e-learning platform in Italy dedicated to Digital Analytics for Marketing and Advertising.

Complete and targeted training courses are available within Analytix School to acquire advanced skills on how to collect, visualize and transform data into concrete insights, optimizing the performance of online campaigns to achieve your business objectives.

By entering the Analytix School you will have immediate access to:

  • Dozens of video courses created with the "90 + 10" training rule (90% of lesson time is dedicated to practical examples. The remaining 10% is dedicated to the essential theoretical bases)
  • 12 months \ 6 months \ 1 month (based on the membership plan chosen) of reserved update and in-depth training resources
  • Templates of configurations already prepared, safe and functioning
  • Checklists, slides and in-depth resources
  • Reserved support community to receive practical solutions to any doubts or difficulties
  • Official course completion certificates
  • Reserved offers for advanced courses, events and Masterclasses

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CNH Industrial, Banca IFIS, Like Reply, Esprinet SpA, Norma’s Teaching, Outbrain, Politecnico di Milano (Polimi),, Robintur, Save the Children, Triboo, Trovaprezzi, Università IULM.

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